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Good parenting

I’m a big fan of Wikihow, their work is as much a mystery as a joy to me and I’ve already learned all kinds of things on that page. Their step by step guidelines appeal to me as much as their clear layout and lovely illustrations.

One of the most discussed topics that are actually very well researched is how to be a good parent. And guess what? There’s a super elaborate and clear Wikihow page on it. Here’s their summary and the link:

To be a good parent, give your child plenty of affection, and let them know you’ll always love them no matter what. Try to praise your child at least 3 times more than you give them negative feedback to help them build a positive sense of self. Practice active listening with your child by looking at them when they talk to you and nodding or saying things like “Uh huh,” or “That’s really cool!” Consistently enforce reasonable rules, and try not to lose your temper when your child acts out. Instead, have set consequences in place for certain behaviors, so your child will learn what is and isn’t acceptable. Keep reading to learn tips from our childcare reviewer on how to teach your child to be independent!



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