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  • Reasons not to have (more) kids

    Reasons not to have (more) kids

    You are struggling to decide whether to have another kid? You want one but something is keeping you? In a time and age where kids are no longer a life insurance and the world’s already overpopulated, this decision is becoming harder to make. If you are looking for arguments to feed your pro and con […]

  • Good parenting

    Good parenting

    I’m a big fan of Wikihow, their work is as much a mystery as a joy to me and I’ve already learned all kinds of things on that page. Their step by step guidelines appeal to me as much as their clear layout and lovely illustrations. One of the most discussed topics that are actually […]

  • Staying sane while parenting

    Staying sane while parenting

    Blogging about parenting seems to be a lot about stress, and especially early parenthood is a huge life change. Here’s a couple of helpful hints to cope with facing a massive amount of parenting:  Take breaks  This is the cardinal rule of parenting. Take breaks and make sure to (overall) keep your inner balance. Taking […]

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