I’m often asked if I also do “regular” therapy. The answer is: Yes! I work as a therapist, coach, and in psychological diagnostics. Let me tell you a little more:

individual therapy

Individual therapy is a way for you to confront something that is too tough or slow to resolve. Here are some of the more common reasons why you might seek therapy:

  • deteriorating mental health
  • feeling unprepared for a coming major life change
  • looking for ongoing support with a chronic struggle
  • looking to move past a painful experience
  • in need of support but disoriented with what to look for and how to get it
  • relationship struggles due to personal issues
  • burn-out, also early stages
  • struggles with self-confidence
  • preparing for a break up or trying to decide about one
  • handling and affair


You are looking for a thorough examination and differentiated feedback? You have a complicated range of symtoms and keep getting a new diagnosis every time you talk to your psychiatrist? You are looking to start medication but unsure about which? I can discuss your symptoms with you and give a diagnostic evaluation with recommendations. I can also write a report. Many doctors will not follow my recommendations without further assessments but some do and others will use it as a foundation to speed up their own diagnosis. Most importantly, this service will give you some orientation about your situation. At the moment, ADHD diagnosis is the most common evaluation I am asked for and so this service is currently bookable as “ADHD diagnosis and evaluation”.

business coaching

You’re looking to re-orientate professionally or face the same struggles over and over again in your work? You’re interested in my service and would like your employer to pay for it? Many companies are catching up and offering health and wellness packages. I’m happy to bill your employer for your sessions. This is not a VAT-free service, however, so the corporate price includes VAT.

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