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Dive into the world of sex counseling in Berlin and listen in on our community conversations. In the first season „sexual anarchy“, I’m interviewing rebels and misfits doing stuff with sex in Berlin. I’m asking how we can channel our sexual energy, and go wild not crazy.

  • Willkommen


    Ich freue mich, dass Sie meine Seite gefunden haben und lade Sie ein, ein wenig herumzustöbern. Besuchen Sie mich auch gern zu einem Kennen lernen in unseren Praxisräumen. Hier erfahren Sie mehr über mein Angebot als Paarberaterin und Coach, über mich und meinen Hintergrund und finden meinen Blog mit Artikeln zu klassischen Beratungs- und Coachingthemen. 

  • How to make money because you’re bored

    How to make money because you’re bored

    Most of the time when we talk about ways to make money, we’re talking about discipline, focus, priorities, connecting to the right network, investment strategies and the likes. And then there’s slightly more inspired material discussing how to tie your passions into prospering, bravery, self-confidence, and playfulness. But have you ever considered there may be […]

  • How to be a proud goofball

    How to be a proud goofball

    Since I have a quirky website and service a niche, I get a lot of really cooky people in my office. But then I’m certainly biased in my assessment since I’ve always been a goofball and if there’s any consistency in what I do, I’ll encourage people to blossom at their cookiest. That said, let […]

  • Can’t be special and polyamorous

    Can’t be special and polyamorous

    One of the questions I get asked a lot is if polyamory works or, more specifically, why it doesn’t work for some of the people I’m working with. To be clear, many of my clients are perfectly fine with their polypods but others keep running into the same issues. I have another post for some […]

  • Post pandemic poly problems

    Post pandemic poly problems

    I specialize in non-monogamous relationships. One thing has popped up repeatedly in the last few months, is what I call the post pandemic poly problem. It goes something like this: The couple started dating pre-pandemic and had a lot of fun. One of them was very clear about their polyamorous stance and the other one […]

  • Sex as… communication (introducing Christoph Joseph Ahlers) auf Deutsch

    Sex as… communication (introducing Christoph Joseph Ahlers) auf Deutsch

    Zentrale These des Buches ist ein Verständnis von Sex als Kommunikation mit der elementaren Botschaft des Angenommen-Seins: Das ist es, wonach wir uns sehnen, dass uns jemand will, so wie wir sind, mit Haut, Haaren, Stärken, Schwächen und Eigenheiten.

  • Rules of kink 1: Consent

    Rules of kink 1: Consent

    Consent: Kink, porn and #metoo There are two established rule sets in BDSM and kink: Safe, sane and consensual (SSC) kink and risk-aware consensual kink (RACK). The more recent RACK approach drops the idea of a sane decision for actions because, well, how do you determine what is sane? And replaces the unspecific idea of […]

  • Reasons not to have (more) kids

    Reasons not to have (more) kids

    You are struggling to decide whether to have another kid? You want one but something is keeping you? In a time and age where kids are no longer a life insurance and the world’s already overpopulated, this decision is becoming harder to make. If you are looking for arguments to feed your pro and con […]

  • Learnings from being a misfit

    Learnings from being a misfit

    For the longest time and way past my teenage years, I felt like a misfit. While this is a complex emotional topic and it took some self-development to overcome, I also felt like I didn’t fit because I was struggling to find my place in the universe. With every good and bad decision, I came […]

  • Sex as… development motor (introducing David Schnarch)

    Sex as… development motor (introducing David Schnarch)

    The ability to self-soothe is crucial for functioning relationships.   It’s been over thirty years since “Passionate Marriage” made David Schnarch one of the most popular sex therapists on the planet. His approach altered our understanding of couple therapy and laid the foundation for a new tradition in the field. This article is for you, […]

  • Gemeinsam statt Einsam: Woche der seelischen Gesundheit

    Gemeinsam statt Einsam: Woche der seelischen Gesundheit

    Die Berliner Woche der seelischen Gesundheit hat sich in diesem Jahr das schöne Thema „Gemeinsam statt Einsam“ gesetzt. Mit einem bunten Programm laden verschiedene Initiativen zu einem Tag der offenen Tür ein. Auch in unserer Praxis bieten wir ein vielseitiges Programm. Ich freue mich schon darauf, die Arbeit meiner Kolleg*innen aus einem neuen Winkel kennen […]

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