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Why I do English couples counseling in Berlin

It’s been ten years of working as a counselor in Berlin. How did I, a business graduate with most of my college friends working in R&D at a fortune 500 company, end up as a sex and relationships counselor? It’s been surprising even for me, let me tell you that much. But here’s a little insight into why English couples counseling in Berlin is my dream job:

I’ve always been interested in relationships

From a young age I’ve wondered about the how and why in people’s actions. When do people choose to interact and connect, to commit to a friendship or a project? Why? How? For me, our self-concept, our relationships and approaches to the world are the fundamental triad of navigating our lives. Our whole lived experience can be folded into one moment of human connection and that moment can unfold into a whole new chapter in our life.

I’m fascinated by social order and it’s limitations

Most of us are ambivalent about humankind and our accomplishments. It seems like we’ve come a long way but it also seems like we’re leaving an insane trail of destruction. Much of our lives is structured through cultural efforts and accomplishments, we’re doing our best to be civil, loving and welcoming, and to contribute. beneath it all pulls a tide of more unruly forces. Desire, destruction, passion, and consumption, taboos and transgressions erupt through cracks in social order. The power of these forces is addressed in couples counseling, offering outlets and channels for the unruly parts of human nature.

Witnessing people’s life decisions has been one of the most profound experiences of my life

When we tell our lives’ stories, we may trace major developments to specific moments of insight, connection, resolve or recognition. Moments of choice can be seen as the moments of human power. Witnessing some of these life-altering moments when a person takes full responsibility for their situation and takes a step to shift reality has been a true gift. English couples counseling in Berlin allows me to meet people from al over the world and dive into exciting lived experiences.

There are endless possibilities in each moment and even more in an encounter between two adults

This human potential expands even further when there are more people involved. For me, the second person is always an invitation to expand our horizon and grow in that way. The other person does not need to be a limiting liability because their person-hood seems to hang over the scope of the relationship.

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